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What Is Love? (A Aaron X Fem!Reader) {COMPLETED}

What Is Love? (A Aaron X Fem!Reader) {COMPLETED}

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Winter By Winter_senpai Completed

Y/N had a family, but she doesnt remeber them because she was turned into a Shadow Knight at age 9 when she ran away because her oldest brother died her 2nd oldest went missing and her youngest brother was evil, her mother didn't care for her and her father was never around. She ran away from the neither at age 10 found herself lost in the enchanted forest with Hyria and her adopted daughter Claire. She lost all emoition that day. What happens when Y/N grows up and meets people who get lost in the enchanted forest?
But what happens when she wakes up somewhere else?

I do not own any characters allp rights got to Aphmau. If I do OC contest they will be in my other book. So I hope you enjoy. Updates every Monday.

If I could change anything about this book I would change nothing
Alexian_1 Alexian_1 May 08
I have to say something...
                              WHAT IS LOVE 
                              AARON DONT HURT ME
                              DONT HURT ME 
                              NOT HER
                              AAR9N DONT HURT ME 
                              DONT HURT ME
                              NOT HER
                              I'm hella bored and just saw thins in my feed XD
                              wait I feel old now. Cause I know that song.
NekoGriffin NekoGriffin May 11
*chainsaw noises in the background*
                              Me: LEMME AT EM
                              Carrie (my friend why also watches MCD): TESS NUH STAHP
                              Me: NOKDNKJSSJKSN
                              Cause kissing a girl is how you ask somebody to be your sparring partner
Anime_Shu Anime_Shu Jul 06
When I read enchanted forest I thought of OUAT (Once Upon A Time)