Genji X Reader

Genji X Reader

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SavvyM By SavvyMlynn Updated Sep 02

Genji X Reader
...Maybe slight Hanzo in the future with it. 

I'm a big fan of this game. I started having a liking to the green cyborg ninja during the first few times I played as him. 

I am a Reinhardt main but Genji will always be a badass character to me.

Yeah he is considering he just killed you he can be a real softieeeee
I want dual katanas and heal gun that I could use to heal myself with and go ape shat and kill everyone in sight for my ultimate
One is grey
                              On is completely white from a fire
                              This is how I look in Rl
ShipWorld ShipWorld Sep 11
Why did i scream dad
                              I can explain
Ryu_sama42 Ryu_sama42 Sep 17
I imagined after hearing that, reader-chan's reaction will be "NANI?!" (*wink* *wink* meme *wink*)
I've got Hazel eyes that kinda change color depending on the lighting. Sometimes they're more green, sometimes they're more of a brown.