My Boy (Trevor Moran Fanfic)

My Boy (Trevor Moran Fanfic)

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Peterick/2doc <3 By stormchacer Updated Jan 05, 2017

When Jacey Dawson moves into a new apartment he meets his soul mate, a young boy named Trevor. They met when Jacey and Trevor bumped into each other when Jacey was bringing in boxes from his car. 
They quickly became friends and spend most of there time together. After a game of truth or dare with Trevor's friends Kian and Jc, (and Ricky :3)  Jacey and Trevor confess there love to each other and start dating. 

(also, special thanks to @paigecn for all her help on this story :3 )

Hey guys!  Yup!  NEW FANFIC! 
It's another Trevor Moran fanfic. I have been wanting to do a fanfic like this for a while and I'm finally getting the energy to do so!  Yay me! 
Also,  just so there is no confusion, Jacey's name is pronounced 'Jackie'
I thought it would be cute to spell his name like that, just to be creative. 
So yeah!  I hope you all ready this and find it interesting! 
Luv y'all! 

{started: June 26th 2016}

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GhostVonBunny GhostVonBunny Jun 06, 2017
Omg ikr there are so many with girls, and I'm like" 😖 y'all know he gay right "
pinkgirlctfxc pinkgirlctfxc Nov 24, 2016
Ik!! I wish there were more fanfics of Trevor having a boyfriend!!!!!!
stormchacer stormchacer Aug 10, 2016
I just now realized how much Zach looks like a younger version of Jc XD
TrevorIsMineNotUrs TrevorIsMineNotUrs Jan 04, 2017
This story is so cute already. Thanks for following me 😘😜