VanossGaming x reader

VanossGaming x reader

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Grape By Gamerpup Updated Feb 20, 2017

In my new sports car I called Lester to get the cops off of my back. I took a sharp turn to the right then another on to the right so I could pull up into a small ally way. I took out my pistol from the side of my belt. The silence was eerie and too quite for my liking. The sound of my heels only echoed in the small area. A scream broke the dead silence around me followed by a body.

"Goddammit del- Batcoon you blow my cover." The man with an owl masked stated. I took my pistol and pointed at him.

"So your the one that's been causing the mischief around los santos?" Night owl asked

"Well define mischief because I'm not as bad as u think." I slowly backed away towards my car and night owl did so also. Then I decided to make small talk.

"Isn't your crew suppose to be here?" I questioned night owl as I backed my way away from him.

"Oh no u don't u slippery son of a bitch." Night owl yelled and ran toward me. Intertwining my hands with his then he held me against the wall. The positi...

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