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Teddi By LesleytheLion Completed

For years, two major gangs have fought, and made chaos on the small, bad city it's in. Almost every night, there's ether been a robbery, or a shooting. Manly from the gangs.
The names, are the Hinju, with the leader, Smith.
Then there's the Barren, with the leader, James.

The gangs have brought their kids into this, so no more normal life for them.

The Barren gangs leader, has a daughter, Destiny Sky. She hates her name, so everyone just calls her Des.
She has followed in the footsteps of her father, as if she was him. Getting into drugs, and fights at a young age, and is now in the gang.

The Hinju gangs leader, has a son, named Allen Matthews. His dad, the leader, is abusive, drunk. His mum died when he was little. He hates his father, but follows him in the gang life, because he wants to show his dad that he isn't the little boy he used to be. 

These are their stories.