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The Dragon Whisper (A Hiccup X Reader fanfic)

The Dragon Whisper (A Hiccup X Reader fanfic)

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"insertRandomSaying" By AlyssaLeos Updated Feb 18

Hate. That's all I felt for my brother, Viggo Grimborn. I hated him because he harmed dragons, captured them and made them do things against they're own will. I am (Y/N) Grimborn and I'm the sister of Viggo and Ryker Grimborn, one of the most feared dragon hunters. But I left them years ago and freed the dragons that my tribe captured when I was just a little las, and I think that was the best decision of my life.  If I didn't make  that decision I would of never met Neon and all my other dragon friends. I am (Y/N) Grimborn and I'm one of the only Viking that can speak to dragons and I'll help any dragon that is in need.
(This story takes place in the Netflix series 'Dragons Race To The Edge'. )

XxEllaJaneRosexX XxEllaJaneRosexX Nov 06, 2016
                              Just why??
                              Why the heck would you place an egg in the class?
                              Its just an egg still!
midnight_diary midnight_diary Sep 01, 2016
Bro don't worry.. I hate skirts... they make me like a slut or a VERY girly girl... which I HATE... because I'm tomboyish...
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I live for skirts and dresses because it feels like there's nothing closing around my legs (which there isn't) and I just feel so, FREE.
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I haven't worn a skirt or a dress in 6-7 years. Now I just wear tank tops and shorts... even when it's snowing
XxEllaJaneRosexX XxEllaJaneRosexX Nov 06, 2016
*sees dragon*
                              Oh no.
                              Not on my watch 😒
                              I HAVE TO FREE THE DRAGONS!
Lol when I saw this book u whispered at night...
                              Me: *whisperes* YES! 
                              *mum comes into my room*
                              Me:..............I have the weirdness disease meaning that I'm very weird and it's very contagious....
                              *mom slowly walks away and leaves me to read*