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If Only For A Moment

If Only For A Moment

3.4K Reads 195 Votes 12 Part Story
Meepaa By Meepaa Updated Jan 29

Chara is in her own Timeline.
Sans and Alphys are readying the unstable RESET button in their Timeline.
The love is gone, and replaced by LOVE.
All Sans needs is a Moment.

Book Two in the 'Frisk is Dead' series.

WOLVERINE75643 WOLVERINE75643 Jul 25, 2016
This is awesome and im listening to my tommarow 
                              By dead by April 
                              Suggest it
                              And it toattaly fit 
                              Well it might just be me
                              But awesome chapter!!
                              Love it!
Esintin_Girl Esintin_Girl Jul 31, 2016
Am I the only one that agrees with Sans about the story being too complicated? But this is AMAZING @Meepaa you never cease to amaze.
                              Wait. Meepaa. 
                              SANSY BOI IS SECRETLY YOU??!!
Esintin_Girl Esintin_Girl Jul 25, 2016
Yeeeeeeeeeeeees its here and its a miracle!!!
                              * seeing a sequel to the best fanfic ever fills you with,
                              D E T E M M I E N A T I O N
EmmaTheFanfictioner EmmaTheFanfictioner Jul 25, 2016
*Seeing Such A Great Story Be Continued,  It Fills You With Excitement*
JonathanBlaylock JonathanBlaylock Jul 31, 2016
You kept you promise thank you! This is a amazing story you have made!
EmmewemmeDaHotcat EmmewemmeDaHotcat Nov 06, 2016
✋ ☹✋😐☜ ❄☟☜ 💧❄⚐☼✡ 💧⚐ ☞✌☼✏