Black Cat, Young Girl

Black Cat, Young Girl

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pluto By AlpacaTheGreat Completed

Marinette lives a normal life, free of drama and heartbreak. But when her days get a little too hectic, she can always count on he pet cat named Chat Noir to help relieve her stress. He was a very good friend, and she loved him very much.

But what happens when he loves her back, in a romantic way?

And as a human, things are gonna get a lot more complicated. 

Thank you @EmsterKat for the amazing cover!

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Pheonix0617 Pheonix0617 Jun 27, 2017
If the cinnamon was replaced with strawberry she would smell like Lucy from fairy tail
jececa_gh jececa_gh Nov 06, 2017
*read this* uh... *looks at my cats im patting right now* um.... say wha?..
FatCatWearingTheHat FatCatWearingTheHat Jun 25, 2017
Creepy or adorable???????
                              Uhhh I'll go with creepy with a dash of aww rightnow..
-GeneralGexrgia- -GeneralGexrgia- Sep 03, 2017
Ok I read a smut book on Marichat (i mean who doesn't) annnnd chat said her womenhood smelt like vanilla. O.o *TRIGGERED*
FireBird100 FireBird100 Jul 17, 2017
I can't help but feel weird about shipping this. It's really cute and all, but, c'mon guys, he's a flippin' cat!
TheaSchiller TheaSchiller Nov 22, 2017
This is exactly the way that I express myself and my mom is like "that is not a word nor a description of a feeling "😂😂😂