I Hate Him, I Hate Him Not

I Hate Him, I Hate Him Not

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The door opened, revealing Xander in his spongebob square pants boxers and some brown haired girl who currently had a pink mini skirt on and a top which she held in her hands, trying to cover her upper half.

''Now'', I grinned at Marsha and she snapped a few pictures.
''That's my girl!'' I patted her and we both slapped our hands in the air.

''Tia, what the fu-''
''Language'', smirked at him, pointing towards Marsha.

''What are you two doing?'' He yelled.

''Marshmallow here, and I thought that it would be a good idea if we caught you and this trash collector'', I glared at the girl, 
''making out. Let's see what your girlfriend Coraline thinks of this.''

I turned around on my heels and rushed out of his room.

''Tia, wait!'' I heard him shout but I ignored it and pulled Marsha into my hands, carrying the little girl downstairs with me.

Tiana one, Xander zero.


Tiana and Xander Phillips have been enemies since forever. They loathed each others presence and never admired one another's work.
They were known by the whole school for the heated arguments they have and the pranks they pull at each other.

There's always a reason behind everyone's story and they certainly have one too. Start your journey as the two people go through good and bad and stumble upon a few challenges. 

Feelings can change... right?

WARNING: ALOT OF ERRORS AND IM STILL CURRENTLY EDITING. NO RUDE COMMENTS WILL BE APPRECIATED AND ID LOVE IT IF YOU KEEP THEM TO YOURSELF :) Actualy, don't read it. It's cringe worthy XD I'm keeping it up now because of how many views it's got but it was written when I was young. Like really young. I'm not going to be on this account anymore so I'm not even sure what people are gonna think about it. 

Amazing cover by: @MissRosa01

hotfudgedictionary hotfudgedictionary Dec 02, 2016
i almost cried i thought this was another brother i READ TOO FAST
invisible_Airplane invisible_Airplane Oct 16, 2016
                              Okay so I know that I've left you tons of inline comments (is it too much? I'm sorry)  but I just have to say one thing: 
                              This was freaking amazing. 
                              Loved it, and the amazing start to the book!
Cute_Girlz123 Cute_Girlz123 Oct 23, 2016
I guessing this is one of those classic stories, where they hate each other, but secretly love each other...
ebbyIggy ebbyIggy Dec 01, 2016
That's code for we're secretly in love but are too prideful too admit it
Cute_Girlz123 Cute_Girlz123 Oct 23, 2016
The summary sounds great, and if your story is half as good, I'll definitely be satisfied....
IAteYourCookieChild IAteYourCookieChild Nov 16, 2016
I have a lot of guy friends and would rather stick a knife down my throat then even think about being with them let alone actually date them xD. No offense if any of you guys are reading this..