Bad Boy (Draco Malfoy x reader)

Bad Boy (Draco Malfoy x reader)

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You are Harry's twin.
You're not that close to Harry. You actually hate him when he's a nice Gryffindor.

 Wondering around the halls of Hogwarts you see your worst enemy. Draco Malfoy. Although you both are Slytherins, you both hate each other.

You get heartbroken by your boyfriend. Draco then tells you how he feels about you.

What?! Draco feeling love?? Draco Malfoy??!!

And what happens when you notice his amazing blonde hair and his big gr
ey eyes?

Trust me, the ending is really shocking!

Read this to find out. Follow me and l'll follow you back!!!  

With a cherry on top!......And ice cream....With caramel fudge

Wait, it's my birthday?! Where's the cake?! Give me the cake.
*Changes into black ripped skinny jeans and an MCR shirt* LOADS better.
MaiPollyPerson MaiPollyPerson 2 days ago
Other Girls:   Ugh that smirk is so sexy
                              Me:   Ugh that smirk is so ugl---OH HI CEDRIC
-imasianaf- -imasianaf- Jun 06
*starts singing AOA - Miniskirt* OOOOH OOH OOOOOH OOOOOH OOOOOH
Black or green or silver tank top with a bald leather jacket with no skirt but ripped silver and green jeans
HE WANTS TO MARRY ME! Sorry Harry, but.. I don't think that's legal.