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And So What If He's A Thug.

And So What If He's A Thug.

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Èŕä Ŕõšė By QueenOnFleek Updated 6 days ago

Meet Rose Johnson, she is a normal 17 year old girl. She lives with her mom, dad and her 10 year old little sister. 

Rose has friends but she doesn't go to a very good school, South Shore. In her school its full with drama, drugs, sex and thugs. She lives around the hood so you'll understand the station.

Meet Christopher Cruz, he one of the thugs that goes to South Shore. He is one of the biggest baddest thugs a t that school. If he is walking move out his way before you get killed. 

He doesn't talk much. Nobody ever heard him say a word or a sound his bestfriend Trey is the only one he talk to. 

What happens when Rose and him cross ways??

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