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Kyle By rikucrafter Updated 2 years ago
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    In our world, magic is here. It isn't hidden, it's widespread and accepted. Despite this, magic has had need to be locked up over time, with different countries having different policies. For the country of Aeternam, this came on March 1, 1998. It's now 2014, and what will happen when two kids get out? Magic is coming back - and this affects everybody.
    Episodes released weekly, on Tuesdays between 6pm & 12am AEST. 
    One week breaks between seasons.
    Here is a list of currently released episodes:
    1. The City Will Be Awoken
    2. Letters
    3. The Pop Princess
    4. The Witch Has Spoken
    5. Then Magic Shall Die
    6. With Her Hands Tied
    7. The Firestorm
    1. Bewildered
    2. Dear Noah
    3. Her Young Consultant
    4. Darcy Hedney Must Die
    5. The First Birthday 
    6. A Second Crystal Uncovered
    7. Heroes & Villains
    8. Their Place of Salvation
    9. Nature Versus Nurture
    10. The Bandana Man
    11. A Memory Now Broken
    12. Winter Is Coming
    13. At First Light Comes Eternal Life
    1. Hope in the Darkest Dreaming
    2. A Child At Heart
    3. The Entrusted
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    3.04 - Undivided by Law (Aug 27)
Awww Kyle I'm proud of you :3 I'm even trying to read this..... :') Keep going <3 xx