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Vega Moore and Beowulf night are an unlikely couple but three months after Wulf initial arrest things are going strong, both about to graduate it feels as if nothing could stop them. know unless you count the huge target on their backs and the river of bullets being thrown at them as Wulf goes testify against his father.

And then there is the still constant crimes being traced back to the Night family despite Leonardo Night having been cut off from all contact to the outside world.


"Wulf...what the hell is this?"

"It's a gun that looks really pretty with your eyes happy 6 month anniversary!" The blonde grinned rakishly at me.

I leaned over the  desk and whispered to him harshly, "You brought a gun to school?!"

"no. I brought you a gun to school, I keep one here for me. and one or five in my car, you know that."

"No! I didnt!"

"Oh. well you do now. happy anniversary Hawaii."

I looked at his smiling face trying to stay angry but in the end decided it wasn't worth it, I slipped the gun into my backpack, "happy anniversary did you get that anyways."

He winked at me playfully, "I'm a magician." He grew more serious, "but keep that on you okay? just incase."

I sighed wanting to protest but nodding anyways, "okay."

"I also bought you lingerie. I hope you know I'm not letting you go home today."

I rolled my eyes..this boy, "You know my daddy wont stand for that."

"I don't need him to stand, I need him to sit his ass down and let me treat my girl on our six month anniversary.  I'ma buy your ass nachos, we are gonna go to my place watch a movie, I'm going to figure out how to take this fucking thing of my ankle, we are gonna fuck like crazy and then go on vacation."

"You can't take that off. remember when you tired to shoot it off?"

He made a noise in the back of his throat, "fuck you are one sexy nurse."

....really not the point.

Chazy1224 Chazy1224 Aug 07
Hold up. Pause. I am literally 2 chapters in and this pops up. No, just no. Now I have to keep reading.
elsamarie92 elsamarie92 May 09
Two sentences in and Wulf is already jealous. We're off to a great start guys
Sorry that titles already been taken by me, you'll have to find a new one for the cop
Wait so I can't read the first one how am I suppose to know what's going on?
masonleigh123 masonleigh123 Jul 08, 2016
I love all of your books there really funny yet have the perfect amount of drama and seriousness