Don't Run Yandere! Ro'Meave Brothers X Reader

Don't Run Yandere! Ro'Meave Brothers X Reader

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Hailey By Nadeshiko_Chan Updated Oct 02

What you need to know~

(Y/n)-Your name

(L/n)-Last name

(F/c)-Favorite color

(S/F/C)-Second favorite color

(H/C)-Hair color

(E/C)-Eye color

(F/F)-Favorite food

(S/c)-Skin Color

"Where are you, (Y/n)?~"  He cooed.  I was trembling with fear.  I was holding my breath.  I had to breath.  But the slightest sound might give me away!  I let my breath go and took a breath.  "Found you~"  The youngest cooed.  I screamed and ran only to run into a dead end.  Everything went black.

This is a Yandere! Fanfiction.  I'm using a few characters from Aphmau's series.  I hope you'll enjoy this book!

Why u always lyinggg? Oh my god stawp lyinggg. Ye, Im a socially awkward introvert who has a frisking low voice, lower then a boys, and ye. I'm kinda a tomboy too, woop
Sure Laurance wut ever u say XD 
                              *5 secs later* 
                              Hey guys That Zane kid asked me on a date and I said yes
                              *laurance jaw drops and a few tears*
                              Oh well shiz
I don't know why, but I began to laugh evilly for like 2 minutes
I will never leave u 
                              *3 year time skip*
                              I'm leaving u for this table by Laurence
I would never leave you 
                              -After Garroths talks to Y/n-
                              Sorry but I'm leaving you for handsome
Of course I'm totally faithfu- OH MY GOD THAT ZANE GUY IS SMEXY