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The Second Fire Dragon Slayer

The Second Fire Dragon Slayer

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sofia By Vildasim Updated Feb 07

What if igneel the fire dragon raised two children? A boy and a girl, Natsu Dragneel and his little sister (y/n) Dragneel. When Igneel disappears eight year old natsu and five year old (y/n) set off on their journey. They find a guild that offers to help them. They meet friends and enemy's but over all they gained one big family, Fairy Tail.
Flash forward 9 years.
Fourteen year old (y/n) goes on a trip alone saying she will be back at the end of the day... But she never returns... And is thought to believe that (y/n) Dragneel is DEAD.
Seventeen year old natsu is heart broken that his one and only sister is gone.
Flash forward 2 years.
Natsu is still misses his sister and won't talk or let anyone else talk about her. Will natsu get over the fact with the help of his friends or will something miraculous happen.
I do not own fairy tail just this fanfiction I made up IN MY MIND...
Also this fanficton im going to try and put most of the adventures from the actual Fairy tail. Enjoy

That's so me if I have powers like levitation in the classroom and everyone being noisy I will just lift them all up and say the same thing and drop them down and everything went quiet
Sangre_Love Sangre_Love Mar 30
With all these parenting coments 
                              And theres 
                              THOSE SAVAGES
                              lmao thank you
                              You made my day lol
more than he does everyday, which is nothing except breaking things, getting motion sickness, sleeping, picking a fight with gray, eating, and acting like an idiot.
AwesomeKatLol AwesomeKatLol Jul 16, 2016
I dont know why but at the end i fangirl squeeled as soon as i heard how awesome me/(y/n) was!!!
wolfpup03047 wolfpup03047 Dec 31, 2016
Betrayed by his own sister😂😂you lost to gray😂😂😂😂
ThisCrazyFanGirl757 ThisCrazyFanGirl757 Sep 04, 2016
OMG when ever I read an x reader I always use a oc so this time I used my oc Phoenix XD