Forbidden Lust; Your worst Pleasure

Forbidden Lust; Your worst Pleasure

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Loudjie By BlackGirlMagicc Updated Aug 31, 2013

Warning ; INCEST 

Sneak peak 

“Wh-what are you doing?" 

“You know exactly what I'm doing." His face was hard and emotionless.

“St-stop we can't." I said breathlessly.

“You want me and you know it." He whispered.

“No I don't." I lied, who wouldn't want him he's amazingly gorgeous and not to mention sexy.

He pushed me against the wall with both of his hands around my head. I could fell the heat coming off his chest as he crushed his body against me. I moaned softly as he began kissing my neck. He trailed kisses from my jaw and shoulder.

“You want me." He said against my skin.  

I managed to say something in-between my breathing, “No I don't." 

He began rubbing his erection on my hips. I let out a loud moan which only Caused him to keep going. My thighs were soaking for him but I wouldn't allow myself to do this.

“Chase." I moaned instead.

“I love it when you moan my name." he said seductively. He pressed harder in to me and trailed his hands to my sides. I arched my back in to him which caused him to moan my name. I couldn't help it so I wrapped my arms around his neck and pulled him closer to me.

“I want you, now." I parted my lips and blew a breath in his face. He forcefully brought his lips to mine and kissed me hungrily. His arms cupped my butt and pulled me up. Instinctly I wrapped my legs around his waist without breaking the kiss. I shook my hips under his erection causing us to moan.

I broke the kiss And looked right into his eyes.

“Now." I then kissed his soft red lips. Consuming them and their flavor. He walked backwards towards the bed and pushed me urgently on the bed. His figure on top of me. I waited for the lust I was soon to be in on. But with who?

Exactly you didn’t chose to be family one or both of your parents married someone with kids therefore it’s not forbidden but I guess the titl gives spice to the book
inventernetz inventernetz Sep 18, 2017
IT'S not incest if your not blood related tho kinda not wrong buuuuut unless your parents have a child together than it's like your having sex with your own blood
kaymndzaaa kaymndzaaa Jul 30, 2017
I know they’re not real siblings blah blah since their step siblings but I jut don’t think that’s incest but I’m a way it’s still weord
they are not siblings by blood so i dont count this as incest
badasflipbonkers badasflipbonkers Jan 24, 2016
Ooooooooh I take it back there not blood pew that was a close one
badasflipbonkers badasflipbonkers Jan 24, 2016
What? Incest? NOOOOO! Please do not ruin my views about siblings. Fuuuuuuuuuck