Stardust | Naruto fanfiction

Stardust | Naruto fanfiction

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-`𝓢𝓮𝓷´- By toshouto Completed




What exactly does it mean to be human?

Shiranui always wondered what it meant. Of course she knew what humans were made out of; flesh and bones. But what was beyond that?

She traveled for so long that she has forgotten where she came from. She has been searching for the answer for years only to come up empty handed and with a lot of pain.

But when Shiranui arrives in Konohagakure, things change. Clues and hints riddle the Village Hidden in Leaves, leading her closer to the answer. 

But will she like what she discovers or will she be horrified?

[ I do NOT own Naruto. Just my OC Shiranui and Tsuki-Yumi. ]

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Yaoi_is_gr8 Yaoi_is_gr8 Sep 09, 2017
Damn straight. I swear I'm the incarnation of Satan in a human form so life's been pretty
YourGirl_Laney YourGirl_Laney Jul 22, 2017
I argued with everything that was just said.
                              I hate man kind I hate being apart of man kind
Fujo_pup Fujo_pup Apr 14
The world is a cruel place and there is no fuckin thing we as humans can do bout it.
Hallaris Hallaris Jul 17, 2017
Love the quote! Definitely putting this on my favorite quote list.
Haido_Hyuga Haido_Hyuga May 31, 2017
I really hope this book is better then all the rest which it will !!
boscothecat boscothecat Oct 11, 2017
Heehee but I'm stronger than you....
                              (Anyone get that song reference)