Child Of The Devil Himself

Child Of The Devil Himself

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Alice Robyn By CrazedAlice Updated Apr 11

A Creepypasta x Reader Fanfic

(Y/N)'s life wasn't always great,well, that's a bit of an understatement. First her parents were ' killed ' then she was sent to live at an orphanage in a town known to be full of strange people, growing up there for most of her life before being adopted by a loving family,however all is too good to be true. 
     Now she's trying to understand what is happening to her after she's kidnapped by murderers who look as if they don't age and has gained a 'guardian demon' who seems to be quite bad at her job. What will happen next in her mysterious and terrifying life?

Criticism is welcomed!
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LaBoss20o0 LaBoss20o0 Aug 30, 2017
Why'd the summary kinda remind me of "I Eat Pasta For Breakfast"