Dreamers For The Winter

Dreamers For The Winter

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nostahlge By nostahlge Updated Sep 18

[Highest Rank: #42 // Mystery]

"Come on, Ode,"  he said. "Live a little."

Odette Grayson is not a talker. She is a watcher.
A foster kid with a dark past, she has her fair share of secrets. 

But when the new boy arrives, her past starts to unravel. 
And the tattooed stranger has a few secrets of his own...

"I know who you are. I know what you've done."

This is slick like omg I love it so far this gif just makes it better my story might have you on edge but this one is golden☺
If a person looked at u like that run you know he's eye raping dont lie to me
You're really good. Very good descriptions. Can't wait to read more.
LOVE THIS!!😊🌺 Also LOVING🌹the story so far!!😍🙏👊❤️
How do i right so....... Ran outta words (~_~) i feel so disappointed in my self struggles is real
What goes around 
                              goes around 
                              goes around 
                              goes around 
                              comes baby back arounnnddddd yeaaahhhhh