Adopted By Septiplier

Adopted By Septiplier

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a o i f e By bubblysepticeye Updated Nov 27

When Laura is adopted from her orphanage, she would've never thought it would've been Jacksepticeye and Markiplier, two of the biggest youtubers on YouTube.

But Laura has to keep a big secret, and if anyone finds out, the ship 'septiplier' will be revealed.........


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Mkay, so I'm asking now before I begin reading..... is constructive critism allowed?
Terraific- Terraific- Nov 02
I'm actually Irish and I can say n- actually every one says that.
That actually happens to me. My parents got into a car accident when me and my sister were 5? I'm thinking.
Absolutely definitely not Jack and Mark. Ya lettin' ya fantasies get away wit' ya! (I like apostrophes)
                              Do I know you, and why are you exactly like me?...
finally a fanfiction where the orphan doesn't just so happen to be wearing the youtubers merch!