Roommates//Solangelo AU

Roommates//Solangelo AU

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Nico di Angelo has taken part of the summer off of work to stay at his apartment and relax. Well, that's what he was planning to do. 

When he meets his new roommate, Will Solace, they have a rough time getting used to each other. Will's sunny personality annoys Nico, and Nico's dark introverted ways aren't Will's cup of tea. 

Meanwhile, Nico is becoming conflicted with his feelings between Will and another guy at his apartment complex--Percy Jackson. 

His frequent nightmares don't help much, either. Will tries to comfort him, but Nico is just detached. 

Will would do anything for Nico, and Nico eventually learns that Will is his Solace. (Pun intended) 

Throw in a dog, a terrible new neighbor, a crazy 'ex,' and plenty of other surprises, and join Nico's adventure with his new roommate. 

IT GETS BETTER AS IT GOES ON, PROMISE. (Just get through the first 3 or 4 chapters, then stuff starts to happen.) 

*Characters belong to Rick Riordan, but the story itself is written by me*

nico_fuck_angelo nico_fuck_angelo Nov 28, 2016
i have a pen i have a apple
                              i have a pen i have pineapple 
                              UGHHHHHH pineapplepen
                              applepen pineapplepen.......
                              UGHHHH penpineappleapplepen 
                              (sorry not sorry)
HoO_fan911 HoO_fan911 Aug 05, 2016
I love practically every single one of those peoples writing! Sorry I'm horrible at grammar 😆😆😆 but I think I'm following them on my other account not this one I forget!
nico_fuck_angelo nico_fuck_angelo Nov 28, 2016
you wound me nico. *clutches chest as if ive been shot*  
                              boi do i love slender tubbies tho ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
KatsudonAndEros KatsudonAndEros Aug 27, 2016
Ah my dear, one does not become solangelo trash.
                              The solangelo was always part of you.
                              You have simply been reborn into a higher state of life.
Fan_girling_all_Day Fan_girling_all_Day Oct 28, 2016
I LOVE FOB!!! Soo good! Like TØP & Melenie Martinez! ( I think that's how u spell it?!) 💛💚💙💜❤️💛💚💙💜❤️
MyVintageUnderworld_ MyVintageUnderworld_ Jul 04, 2016
Oh gosh thank you! I don't know what to say. I'm glad my writing inspired you. I hope all goes well with this