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His Butler, Obsession.

His Butler, Obsession.

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isabellasantino911 By isabellasantino911 Updated a day ago

When Ciel is some how turned into a neko, Sebastian starts to act strange around his young lord. With Sebastian being more protective, more clingy and always blushing around his Bocchan, Ciel debates if he should revile his true feelings for the demon butler. 
I don't own Black Butler/Kuroshituji, just the story. 
Pairing: Neko!Ciel x Sebastian. 
If you don't like yoai or Sebciel then don't read.

Mercy_The_Savior Mercy_The_Savior 6 days ago
-holds my pet cat that hates me close- What now? Ow. Ow she's scratching me.
But if they're cousins then surely he is related to one of her parents as well who is also alive
Raven_Elaine Raven_Elaine Nov 03, 2016
Maybe Ciel reacted that way to protect himself and his feelings
MCfreakingR MCfreakingR Jan 07
Like from that nick cage movie with the time capsule and the plane crash
DayaEll DayaEll Jan 04
yay! ciel is a neko like me!!! *ears twitch with happiness and innocence*
Dellia-Angels Dellia-Angels Nov 24, 2016
When I heard this I thought of Lucinda the witch from Aphmau's YouTube videos. XD