The Ruthless Mafia King  *On Hold*

The Ruthless Mafia King *On Hold*

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Beautypuppy2020 By Beautypuppy2020 Updated Aug 29

DAISY: A sweet, naive, innocent girl who never curses. She is shy and doesn't have any friends but she tries her best to find the light within people. She the type of girl who has never done anything naughty even down to something simple as a first kiss.

ANTONIO: A cold blooded killer. He has over a million people working beneath him. He knows the other pathetic groups that call themselves a mafia, he can have them all die with a single press of a button. He doesn't care about anyone or anything.

What will happen to Daisy when Antonio gets his hands on her. People will die. Others abused. But maybe there will be a chance for love.

Follow these two in a dark twisted romance that you won't be able to stop reading.


"I'm going to make this clear, your MINE! No one else's and I'll being watchng what your up to very carefully. So watch your back!" - ANTONIO

Angielb73 Angielb73 Feb 04
So she just doing all the work in that place where is no one there to help her wow
amazinglyDomino amazinglyDomino Dec 06, 2016
I ready for the challenge. I clicked this book because it sounded interesting. ;)
antisocialextrovert antisocialextrovert Nov 18, 2016
Let me sue her. I can get all your money and more or I can be a LAW ABIDING CITIZEN (if you know how that movie went just imagine that as me)
antisocialextrovert antisocialextrovert Nov 18, 2016
Is this lunch or midnight? If it's midnight that's 12am. Just saying.
JordonBurdette JordonBurdette Nov 15, 2016
Im sorry i laugh when she said the guy making googly eyes at her
Angielb73 Angielb73 Feb 04
Me too n don't worry I will comments something laughable and interesting