Genius✔ ( Jungkook BTS) [Completed]

Genius✔ ( Jungkook BTS) [Completed]

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Sabrina Aqilah By taehyungmine17 Completed

"Library. After school." I say to Jungkook when he is putting his books in the locker. 

He didnt even look at me. "No." He says when he closes the locker. 

"Cant you hear what Miss Wong said ? You must study with me. After school. I will wait." I say and left him without him saying anything.

Ideas and cover by : @Habaws

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wait wtf? Why the fudge do I feel that this has a twist though
I would really prefer tutoring Kookie than burying my face at the bathroom toilet :)
Bish wtf. If Anne doesn't wanna, you have absolutely no right to make her do this
Wait isnt it the teachers job for the student to get good grades
I wish my teacher would have done that it would have been a win win (😏😏nctzen in the house) situation