My Silver Queen (Red Queen Fanfic)

My Silver Queen (Red Queen Fanfic)

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Moran By R-L-Moran Updated Mar 09, 2017

As Maven spares no effort in tracking down Mare and Cal after their escape his mother insists that he takes up a queen, and not just any queen. Not one of the girls from one of the simple, well known High Houses.

Enania of house Brahm, house of bloodborns, and of house Scronan, house of screams, has inherited the powers of both houses. The last of her house Enania was living in the skeleton of Naercey far before the Scarlet Guard arrived. She was a forgotten Silver, but when the rebellion came the young king of Norta found her.

Now she must decide to take her place over her people, or to protect the Reds and help them fight as she had always done. Will she betray her blood? Or the people she chose to protect? Remember.

Anyone can betray anyone.

~This isn't an original work. This story is based off the books Red Queen and Glass Sword by Victoria Aveyard. Premise and most characters belong to her~