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Country's Lament: Bound by Desire 「BOOK 2」

Country's Lament: Bound by Desire 「BOOK 2」

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AlfredFreedomJones By AmericaFreedomJones Completed

The allied nations were successful. The existence of personifications was revealed to the world and the dark, violent, and overbearing actions of their governments were revealed. The lives of nations were regarded with sympathy and horror all around the world. Yes they had fulfilled their purpose, but after that, than what? Immediately following the completion of their mission, the allied countries of America, Austria, Germany, Prussia, Russia, Spain, and Switzerland vanished. Some say it was their governments that took them down to silence them, other say it was the other personifications who were ordered to. After all, someone who could take down the three superpowers of America, Germany, and Russia must be strong. But now, locked in an unknown icy cage and left for dead, the allies must join together once more. What was once a link by hatred is now bond of desire...the desire to take revenge on those who wronged them. (WARNING! - M rated scene in chapters 47-48. Dub-con bordering Non-con. Read with caution)

SouseisekiAmazing SouseisekiAmazing Jul 03, 2016
Oh so he can go to Alaska yet I can't? Wow...
                              I still have no life...
ColourfulCrowns ColourfulCrowns Jul 03, 2016
Admin:Yay! I'm so happy rn that this is out! I also hope you have fun on your trip!
NickDud NickDud Jul 24, 2016
I'm so excited!! The first book was so amazing!! :D
                              I can't wait to read the sequel now that I finished the first one
Steph-Hamilton Steph-Hamilton Jul 05, 2016
They better be down there though man, or else Denmark is just going down for nothing!
xXFallenHeroXx xXFallenHeroXx Jul 05, 2016
FÜCKING WHY DENMARK?!! Look dude if the Alliance is down there then your gonna land on them!! That's gonna hurt like hell you know!!
Lunar_Skies_390 Lunar_Skies_390 Dec 25, 2016
I love this already you need to continue writing book your amazing☺️☺️😃😃