The Hybrid Of Gevaudan

The Hybrid Of Gevaudan

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Samara Akter By Samara2699 Updated Jan 28, 2017

"Bloody dread doctors," exclaimed Klaus. "Why can't they just give up? Haven't I killed enough of them?" He finished angrily.

"As always, brother, your way of expressing your frustrations is fascinating." Elijah said, his usual stoic mask broken by the slight twitch of his lips.

In which Klaus goes to Beacon Hills to stop the Dread Doctors before they can bring back his competitor, La Bete.

I don't own anything, not Teen Wolf, not The Originals and not even the plot, except for the writing, some side plots and one or two OCs. This plot and the cover belongs to @DarellyLucero. I got it from Plot Shop.

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roseLDF roseLDF Jun 18, 2017
The physical appearance of the please makes no difference- Sorry had to do that 😂
                              Your book is really good, I can't wait to read the next chapter,  I think Klaus's character is written really well, and I'm really looking forward to his interactions with the Beacon Hills gang
Airwitch Airwitch Jun 16, 2017
Quick question are we going to your OC, Aliya in your story?
wa_ta_wa1357 wa_ta_wa1357 Mar 16, 2017
SCOTTY BOI!!!!!!!!!!!!! KLAUS LIVES NEXT TO, SCOTTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!
anamormont anamormont Aug 14, 2016
I'm already in love with this book
                              The idea is great and  Klaus's character is really well written
Inde4422 Inde4422 Aug 18, 2016