Seventeen X Reader

Seventeen X Reader

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#HappyRMDay | WINGS By hobis_forehead Updated Dec 15, 2016

Seventeen. 13 members + 3 units + 1 whole group.

"Don't you think that last part is a little forced? I mean c'mon plus 1 whole group?"

"Well why don't we just add one more member to make it 14?" 

"Hm...seems like an easy solution if we only had more trainees. But all the male ones are pre-occupied with their individual work."

"Why not a female one then?"


"Why not?" *shrugs*

//brings a guitar// 
                              I wrote a song for you;
                              FCK U.
                              thank you for listening.
Why does everybody said this about me?! just because I wear, act, and have manners as a boy--nevermind what I said continue..
                              Jungkook: *most likely hiding in a dance studio*
                              Me: *walks to the studio kookie is in* // *gets dragged away before I can enter*......
Me: I will kill you for not noticing me
                              Me outloud: S-Sorry ;-;
                              My face: (-_- )
waahhh just pretend to be a boy and all our problems will dissapear nice...
kpoparazzi_ kpoparazzi_ Jul 24
Wait but if they gave you a nickname then didn't they notice you....😂😂