My Brother's Bestfriend (Glee Fanfiction)

My Brother's Bestfriend (Glee Fanfiction)

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"Stay afraid with thunderstorm because I will be the one who always next to you and protect you." Sam suddenly hugged me tight.

"Sam..." Tears slowly fall down to my face.

Suddenly the thunder start rumbling my room again. I pushed his hug closer to me. I'm afraid and really afraid.

"I'm here. Dont worry, I'm here." Sam still hugging me.

"I'm afraid." I said in sober voice.

Sam pushed my body away from him slowly. He wipe my tears and looked onto my eyes deeply. He pushed his face closer to me as he cup my cheeks until something crash my lips and he kissed me softly like my first kiss that I wont get twice.


Bianca Anderson. Blaine's twin sister. Homeschooling student until she enters William McKinley High School and meets Blaine's bestfriend, Sam Evans who bright her days there. What happened between them? Let's find out.

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And has anyone noticed that Sugar and Joe just upped and disappeared and didn’t come back? It never showed that they left the Glee Club.
skeletalwolfcat skeletalwolfcat Sep 01, 2016
First of all, I love the story so far and how much you update, but I think you should take a few days to reread and edit there are just a few places where the words don't make sense, I don't mean to sound rude or anything but just a suggestion
hplover0 hplover0 Jul 28
Is everyone just going to ignore the fact that there are POTATO CHIPS IN THE REFRIGERATOR!?
ecilaaaya ecilaaaya Jul 15
I’m sorry, but I had to fight back the urge to do this. *deep inhale*
                              *COUGH* BULLIED* *COUGH*