Adorably Abducted  ✧ Sparklington/SyndiSparklez

Adorably Abducted ✧ Sparklington/SyndiSparklez

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Sly Taco By Sly_Taco Completed

Everybody has a crush. Everybody wants to be loved. Everybody will go to extreme measures to be loved.
Only James Hayes will go as far as kidnapping the man he loves, in return for affection. 
No one can stop him from his love, not even his lover's boyfriend.

(PLEASE NOTE: This fiction includes depictions of self-harm, depressing thoughts, graphic violence, and some sexual content. Please be aware this contains mature content. Thank you!) 

Cover art by: Sly_Taco

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WaveTheBeast14 WaveTheBeast14 May 10, 2017
James is a creep...they should have put him in prison the first time. I can't believe that Tucker sided with James. What kind of friend would do that
TrendWizardfam TrendWizardfam May 15, 2017
Nooooo not James... :'( why him why does have to him he's not bad 😭
Otterspace12 Otterspace12 Jul 30, 2017
4. This book will make you hate wagglington more then you ever thought you would.
MiatheSmall MiatheSmall Aug 20, 2017
Omg u should write an alternate book to the series as like a joke/bonus where all the fangirls are in the book and breaking the fourth wall and beating up james and repeating sydisparkelz over and over again
MoonlightMills MoonlightMills Jul 06, 2017
i'm currently off school ill, so i'm reading this fan fic to cheer me up😊
sunnydaywithclouds sunnydaywithclouds Aug 04, 2016
I'm all the way at the end of this, and JUST NOW read the Perfect Imperfection book. I feel way more dumb than usual.