Purity in the darkness -An Inuyasha Adventure

Purity in the darkness -An Inuyasha Adventure

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Midnight_Lilac By Midnight_Lilac Completed

What happens when a not so normal school girl from modern Tokyo gets thrown into the feudal era? 

She Meets the evil demon Naraku and is taken as a servant....and on the way, she meets Sesshomaru, Koga and the Inuyasha gang. 

Read to find out about the crazy adventure of Akari!

Acid_Lilac Acid_Lilac Apr 11
I've decided to reread this story for the fourth time XD I couldn't help myself. It was simply too amazing
The second they say "I'm normal" we know that...
                              1) They are going to go to a different world
                              2) Supernatural creatures randomly show up in their backyard 
                              3) They wear their hair in a side ponytail (aka the hairdo of death) and will die
I read this and it is so good . Loved this entire fanfic great writing !!!!
Mini_Ice_Queen Mini_Ice_Queen Oct 11, 2016
*is kind of scared cause I have short brown hair and brown eyes and I was 16 and I love doing all of that also Akari sort of sounds like my real name*
- - Nov 22, 2016
Listen to music, yes.
                              Painting, well... yes.
                              Drawing. Hell yeah!
                              Playing piano. Can't won't and no
Fujiken Fujiken Jan 31
When I read the part where it said Koharu, I thought it said Kohaku XD 😂😂
                              lol I watched all of the episodes and non of the movies
                              👍👍👍 Great start btw!