LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT - Dan Howell x Reader

LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT - Dan Howell x Reader

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Twenty Øne Phandøms By WaffleCatCake Updated May 31

You are just a phangirl who loves YouTube, and your favourite YouTubers are danisnotonfire and AmazingPhil. However, all that changes when you accidentally bump into Dan Howell. Read to find out more!!

Sorry! This is my first fanfiction so please don't hate! I will try to update as much as I can, every now and then! I'm sorry if I don't update for a while as I might be busy or sick! 

Please enjoy!!! :3

(This is old. Don't judge me, I was a cringy little shiet. QvQ)

Hair is always down and always straightened. Also my bed head just sticks up and it never stays down so I continuously have bed head
griffy_duck griffy_duck Mar 18
Ok I just read the last sentence and I heard Dan singing it but in the tune it of his roast, help me
                              "The youtuber," 
                              "DANISNOTONFIRE" *explosion*
ThatWeirdoM ThatWeirdoM Mar 16
3, 2, 1, you may now fangirl/fanboy (NOT GUNNA ASSUME GENDER BRUHH)
Maybe meet Dan. Fall in love with him. Marry him. Have children. Did together. Haunt people together.
It's always starbucks, and they always bump into each other😂😂😂
Do I have to straighten my hair? I like my natural super fluffy curly hair.