The DOOM Chronicles (Fan Fiction)

The DOOM Chronicles (Fan Fiction)

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Sean_A_Lusher By Sean_A_Lusher Updated Oct 23

A full novelization of the DOOM universe.

The year is 2145.

The Union Aerospace Corporation is the largest company in human history. It deals in everything from weapons technology to medicine to space travel. It is worth trillions and has remote research outposts all over the solar system.

But the UAC is about to open a portal to another dimension, a hellish wasteland that is home to pure evil. And once they open that door, they won't be able to close it, and all of mankind will have to pay the price for their hubris...

Wasn't Doomguy sent to Phobos because he refused to fire on civilians?
Here we go again, another joyride with Mister Lusher, I look forward to this.