I Slapped Mr Billionaire #wattys2017

I Slapped Mr Billionaire #wattys2017

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"I know you are in the need of money and I can help you with that. The deal is simple, you marry me and spend the rest of your life with me and I will give you a $1million to save your brother's or even your mother's life." He stated with a smirk.

I stare at him shocked, "why would you think I would do that?!" I hissed at him, he smirked. "Because you, are in need of money and don't think I am doing that because I fell in love with you. I just want to make your life miserable and painful. I vowed to myself that I will do that and I WILL do that when you decide to marry me."

•Book 1 of the 'uglyseries'

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ili231 ili231 Jul 16, 2017
Is this something like madhubala ? I mean the plot is almost the same , so if you haven't watched it you definitely should ☺️❤️
imfaks imfaks May 17, 2017
Wait a sec. U said ravon is 20 u r 21.
                              When u all ran away ravon was is mom's  womb..& u were 7 ....How??
JXC_123 JXC_123 Aug 02, 2017
Ahah, 4 of my teeth at the top are not straight, can't wait to get braces when my last baby tooth falls out, I won't be out of place since loads of my friends has braces too
DJ_Kiwi DJ_Kiwi Feb 10
Wait...so she shook her head then nodded....ummmm if I was Ravon I would be confused asf
yerathiel_anderson yerathiel_anderson Oct 17, 2017
Ummmm all my front teeth are not straight, but I love my teeth 😘
hyphyclayton hyphyclayton Aug 02, 2017
why is this the gallagher family from shameless lmfao. mom runs away, frank - achoholic