Clean Money (Lesbian) [studxstud].

Clean Money (Lesbian) [studxstud].

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Alex By Alex_Robin Updated Aug 19

Aida Kimani, a prominent young successful entrepreneur who is managing to claw herself to the top of the business world. Love has never been a priority to Aida, she knows success is a lonely road and has always been willing to make the sacrifices it takes. After a rude awakening, Aida decides that now is the time to get her hands dirty. That meant getting help from outside. What she didn't count on was partner in crime, Jae Brown, being the object of all her sinful sensational desires...

Jae Brown, a strong bold woman who is been shaped by years on the streets. Having to battle it out with gangs and drugs, Jae is no stranger to violence. Moving to a new town, Jae wants to start over, less drama and violence. Unfortunately life doesn't work that way, fitting into the world of normal people is a lot harder for someone with her record. Running low on funds, and desperate not to return home, Jae needs to find a way to survive, and soon enough, Jae finds herself back in the fold working with a dangerously delicious woman; Aida Kimani...

"There is no such thing as 'Clean Money'."

Just how far are they willing to take it?

It's nothing personal, 

It's Just Business.

Gay_Swiss Gay_Swiss Jul 23
The summary automatically reeled me in lol I already know based on that summary that I'm gonna love this book. I love a good romance book shrouded with action!
Aye my nickname😂😂🙃😋💯❤ I feel special 😂😂 jk
YunqCraze YunqCraze Sep 01, 2016
Bruh, 😢why the hell am I so damn late? Awe, though! 😍I'm so happy! I inspired someone. ❤️Now, let me read this book… I can already tell its about to be one of my favorites. 😭👌
iAmYourDaddy iAmYourDaddy Aug 21, 2016
I enjoy this book a lot and I just started. Kudos to the author 👏
HazyKid HazyKid Aug 21, 2016
Oh, hey Cara👋🏾how'd you get here? shouldn't you be over in my book?
It's "sitaki  usherati wako" . I speak Swahili as well imma foreign bitch 😜