The Selection RolePlay {CLOSED}

The Selection RolePlay {CLOSED}

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lottie By royally_wasted Updated Oct 08, 2016

I want all of you to have fun, but please be mindful of the rules. Thank you. 

1. Be respectful of each other; no bullying and no controlling another role player's character(s). 

2. During rebel attacks or fighting in general, no excessive violence. If you get shot, get shot--but do not start a bloodbath. DO NOT START A BLOODBATH. 
Clear your injuries with me first in private message so I know what to expect. PLEASE. 

3. This is a PG roleplay. No sexual content. Kissing and hand holding, that's stuff is okay. Take it to private message if you must. 

4. No America copy cats. I can't do it. Just no. 

5. No Mary Sues. 

6. Be mindful of swearing/cussing. Do not have your comment put under review. Censor it, please. 

7. Role play is in third person. 
Good morning *waves* *courtesies*

"Good morning," Piper-Lynn greeted with a wave and a courtesy. 

8. Only I can start rebel attacks. 

9. Drama is solely between characters. Hate the character, not the role player....

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- - Jul 13, 2016
I just want to double check, but can my character have red hair?
RegulusRage RegulusRage Oct 08, 2016
So, obviously this rp is nearly over. When do you think gen two will be up, because I want to take a good look at that Ryden guy's children. Not, like, a look, just like date them or whatever. I don't want to stalk them or anything.
-thenightwemet -thenightwemet Jul 08, 2016
Why do I have a feeling you messaged me asking if you should post and I didn't answer 😂