Friends with benefits{Kookmin} (editing)

Friends with benefits{Kookmin} (editing)

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PEACHES AND CREAM By jikooksmut Completed

"Hey nerd, want to be friends with benefits?"

He smirks.

"Yes! But what is friend with benefits?"

"I'll show you."

.... August 6, 2016 - April 14, 2017....

boi your booty be the nicest i've seen in my whole existence
mybtsjamss mybtsjamss Sep 11
I am at the schools library and start laughing like crazy i almost got kicket out😂😂😂
NoJamsHoying NoJamsHoying 6 days ago
ME except my alarm is half way through blood sweat and tears aka Hobi's part 😂
that's the legendary Jibooty boi
                              I know it's too beautiful 
                              JIBOOTY APPRECIATION
Well clearly you think that- BOY YOU GOT THE BIGGEST BOOTY AROUNF HERE
Does anyone else remembered JK's imitating JESSI (rapper) and the way he says " Big Bootae" 😂