youth ; jaeyong

youth ; jaeyong

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monsta x's manager By madametae Completed

because when we're young, we do stupid things. we all make mistakes.

jaehyun makes the mistake of trusting taeyong, only to have his entire life flipped upside down in the matter of a couple months.

but no matter what, jaehyun can't stop coming back to taeyong, even if he doubts that taeyong really cares.

after all, intoxication is a dangerous thing. only except taeyong is jaehyun's drug.

Please I get all Bs and Cs and my mom is like "good job! No fails! 😊 Just work harder so there's no Cs"
So it's Ten is whining about Mark whining about Doyoung whining and went to Taeyong whining about all of the whining that's going on.
I just started laughing because I forgot which book this was bc I started it last night at 2am, ABD I READ CHITTAPHOE