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Blue Hearts (Underswap Sans x Reader)

Blue Hearts (Underswap Sans x Reader)

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Something-in-nothing By Something-in-nothing Completed

Chara fell into the Underground, and you're looking for them. You've encounter many monsters on your journey, but you refuse to fight them. Everything's fine, until you realize that one of the monsters has a huge crush on you. A small adorable skeleton, to be exact. Will you break his heart and find Chara? Or will you return his affections? 

(Y/N) = Your name
(F/C) = Favorite Color
The main character is a young woman. 

Cover is drawn by me, see the full picture on my Deviantart
Also, don't forget that in Underswap Chara and Frisk switch places, haha. You are not looking for a serial killer. 

++++No lemons or limes in my stories guys. This is a cute Reader x Underswap Sans story that I made last night when I couldn't sleep++++

Roses are red, 
                              Cacti are prickly,
                              This story just started
                              To escalate quickly
I know something that could go wrong, his brother finding out!!! 😱
Didn't think that one through very far, did ya?
                              Y/n: operantly no
Bridal f***ing style did you just say?????!!!!!!!?!?!?!?!!!?!?!?!!?!?!??!!??!!?!!
Phosec Phosec Dec 28, 2016
                              i have a meet up with alphys and a date with undyne so