wrong number + cameron dallas ✔

wrong number + cameron dallas ✔

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[ this book makes me cringe now that i reread it, soon to be edited :) ]

in which a boy sends a text to a wrong number. the result? both their worlds turning upside down ...

started; july 3rd 2016
completed; november 24th 2016


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+ lowercase intended // @finessedgilinsky

fangirly2k fangirly2k Jul 27
I don't like madison but I can't actually say i hate her and she is really pretty too.
^ i've probably deleted like 5 comments . i don't tolerate hate . sure you can have your opinions but if you're gonna call her names don't voice it into my book
pervoncrack pervoncrack Jul 05
I didn't even have to click on the the commet box to know what all the comments are about.
okay to clear this up, no it's not Madison Beer, i just came up with that on the fly and i will delete any comments that direct hate towards her and if you feel the need to do that you can feel free to exit this book and be muted
emanoel1290 emanoel1290 May 15
Lol when people always say long story I am like make it short then