Please Stay

Please Stay

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A Marvel Cinematic Universe FanFiction

When the nameless man showed up in Iris' doorway holding out the ad she'd placed looking for a new temporary tenant, he was nothing at all like anyone she'd ever encountered; dangerous. He just felt dangerous. But more than that, he felt lost. A part of her knew she should close the door in his face. But for some reason that didn't stop her from handing him the key. 

He was only looking for a place to lie low, a place to lick his wounds after what happened on the doomed Helicarrier and regroup. A place where he could maybe begin to pull his shattered mind back together and begin to remember who he was... he'd been called Bucky? They probably expected him to run far and run fast from Washington DC, but while he might be left to on his own devices for the first time in far too long, he's still the best at what they trained him to do. And for now, that means hiding. 

What he didn't anticipate was the stubborn, independent young woman who was letting him stay in her skinny townhouse. 

Post-Captain America: Winter Soldier up to and Including Captain America: Civil War.

Companion Story to "The Ghost" though it's not necessary to have read it to enjoy this one!

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Raidriar93 Raidriar93 Nov 05
Very interesting, I was about to comment that she should have felt the metal but... Great opening and I loved the description of Bucky!;)
Hm, interesting. So your main girl is rooming with Bucky, I believe? I wonder how this will all go down...this was a very well written first chapter! I'm very pleased to see that in a fanfiction! :D
hayley15 hayley15 Jul 10
Please tell me that this will be about Bucky because I love him so much haha. On a more serious note, you write so well and I'm already looking forward to reading more. Great job!