My Shot | Hamilton

My Shot | Hamilton

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Hamil-trash By the-hamil-trash Updated Jul 17, 2017

"Out of all the lies, 'I love you' was my favorite."

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     Madeline Sinclair was a ruthless, ruddy, and downright horrible person; a criminal, an orphan, and a liar with a big secret. Everyday is a struggle, fighting  for herself in the dangerous streets of New York City, using only theft and deception to get her by. Her name means nothing, no one knows her, and nothing belongs to her; just another foster kid out of thousands in New York. One day, that all changes; starting with one man, who will forever turn her world upside down.

(ON HOLD, CURRENTLY RE-EDITING. IF NAMES, OR THE PLOT DOESNT CONNECT IN SOME CHAPTERS, THAT IS WHY. also vv cringey at the moment but that will hopefully be changed soon)

(Copyright 2016)
(Inspired by OswintheDalek's story) 
(Started July 4, 2016)

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historical- historical- Apr 05
i freaking love this. she’s so badaśs and so different from all the other girls you see in fics like this
GoldsberryDiggs GoldsberryDiggs Oct 08, 2017
*takes a deep breath* Aaah, I love the smell of thievery in New York City. Coupled with the fragrance to a great book opening, it really makes me calm down a bit. 
                              (Oh man that was weird)
GoldsberryDiggs GoldsberryDiggs Oct 08, 2017
“Not including yesterday’s profit”?! 
                              Man, she has skills!
AntiSocial_Dweeb AntiSocial_Dweeb Oct 11, 2016
I'm not lying when saying, I'm getting heart aches from this. The feels are too much
NerdyBaenana NerdyBaenana Feb 19, 2017
                              if someone gets this i automatically respect and love u