The Angel In The Court (Kuroko No Basuke Fan Fiction)

The Angel In The Court (Kuroko No Basuke Fan Fiction)

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Sadistic Assassin By iStayz Updated Jun 24, 2015


"Haa...Haa...Haa," Kise said as he wipe off his sweat on his forehead using his hand. He has his hands on his knees as droplets of sweat trickle down on his body.

It was summer time. The heat of the sun is really making you feel like you're gonna get roasted. It's more worse when you're in a tropical country like the Philippines.

Oh how I wish the Philippines will be the first to have the entire country put into a dome with a big air con. But that's NEVER gonna happen.

I looked at my cousin as he tried to regain his stamina. Hmph, I'm more stronger than him even if I'm a girl. He really isn't accustomed to this kind of weather. Since in Japan, the weather there is cooler than here.

"You still copy moves eh?" I said to him while dribbling the ball

"And I still cannot copy your moves," Kise pouted as he grabbed his water bottle and drink it. My lips pursed as I faced at the board. The colors painted on it is fading because it is being used everyday. Of course it's a street...

A_Bellwood_sister A_Bellwood_sister Jun 22, 2016
In Philippines, school either starts at between 7:10 - 7:30 like omg its sooo eaaaaaaarrrrrrrrlllllllyyyyy! I want school to start at 8:00 like srsly
SkyYukari SkyYukari Dec 29, 2016
I wish but it will be so cold when its nightime and when it's raining..........
JisatsuWolf JisatsuWolf Dec 21, 2016
Im Filipino but my dad said there is no middle school is the Philippines.
SkyYukari SkyYukari Dec 29, 2016
Maybe the author thought there is a middle school here on the Philippines
Shyuki-nyan Shyuki-nyan Jan 05
I wish that would happen... *sigh* Us Filipinos wish that...
mar27hearts mar27hearts Oct 16, 2016
Nope! I dont wish dat! I already luv the temp! The temp when it's raining i mean