An Architect's Love Story

An Architect's Love Story

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Betrayal is unforgiving. Revenge is to be paid upon the traitor. And Amy Moore will be the one doing it. 

Once betrayed by her ex-boyfriend, Rick, Amy is back for a pay back. With the cooperation of Blake Davis, a young 25 year old CEO of the Davis company, they both strive to take down their enemies.

Slowly, they find themselves falling for one another but is quick to deny the fact that they do - still playing one another's game. History repeats itself as Amy face another heartbreak, a stupid and an unexpected betrayal. Would Blake be any different from Rick? Or will her love story crumble flat to the ground once more?


/Credit to "grumpyangel" for the illustration. Thankyou! <3/

  • comedy
emilie918 emilie918 Jan 17, 2016
Why didn't they do something, because he did admit he stole her idea
fantazy503 fantazy503 Jul 02, 2015
She use to be your Rivals girlfriend. :) You two team up and take that dog down...
fantazy503 fantazy503 Jul 02, 2015
I knew something fishy will happen when she said she showed the boyfriend her project.. Really good I like reading this already..
slayersoul slayersoul Apr 09, 2014
this is a great beginning but the exclamation points are a bit distracting
barrym97 barrym97 Sep 18, 2013
yo 100what! This story is wicked man...absolutely...positively minblowingly awesome. it is a drug and now i am addicted. excellent plot and has an engaging pesrpective. I'm hooked! keep writting!! :)