The Rogues Daughter

The Rogues Daughter

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Andrea Merino By andy_mrtinez Updated Jul 12, 2016

Ariadne Coltz is a very special wolf, but she doesn't even know it, she has a grey fur with golden specks that looks like silver and gold because of it's shine under the moonlight, she is a rougue, but not because she chose it, her parents are rogues and they are cold hearted and all they do is use her as a shield to protect themselves, who could possibly want someone like her? daughter of filthy rougues, someone that doesn't have a heart because of what she's been trough, right?

On the other side, Nathan Crokes is the soon-to-be-alpha of the nocte caelum pack, THE most powerful pack in the world, he is looking for his mate literally all over the world, he has been traveling one pack to another trying to find his mate, what happens when his mate is someone who other think about as filthy beasts?, will he accept her, or he'll reject her ?

After all, she took a silver bullet for his best friend and soon-to-be-beta, so, is she really a monster, or someone who is only missunderstood? But what happens when she runs away and he only caught her smell, will he search for her ??





Well this is my first werewolf story, so i hope. you like it, i'm not quite good at descriptions but hey, i'm just starting. And i'll try to update ASAP.

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