Badass Nerd ✔️

Badass Nerd ✔️

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Meet Maddison Taylor Jensen. Maddison is a 17 year old senior who has been bullied for 5 years. She moved away with her dad for 2 years in hopes for her bullying to end but it didn't. Her father, Cole Jensen owns the Worlds Strongest Gang. She learns how to fight and is the best out of her dad's gang. She comes back to live with her mother, Laura Jensen and her little brother, Cooper Jensen. When she returns to Burkwood High, she returns as a nerd to stay out of any social groups. Her bullying doesn't stop. When she meets someone, does it stop then?

          Meet Blake Lucas Grayson. A 18 year old who began to attend Burkwood High as a junior. He isn't only a senior but he owns the second most strongest gang out there. His enemy is Cole Jensen. He usually just stands back and watches people get bullied without a care in the world. He doesn't feel any sorrow or pity for the people who's suffering.

          These two both street fight. These two both go to the same underground street fighting area. What happens when Blake sees Maddison with a half mask and recognizes her? Will he try to help her now? Will he try to figure her out? Will they end up as friends or maybe more?

WARNING // Some scenes contain intimate scenes and mature language, etc. Read at your own risk.

ThinkableAuthor ThinkableAuthor Dec 15, 2016
DarkAngelAlways27 DarkAngelAlways27 Oct 31, 2016
It this such a full consuming amount of mind and not a waste of time like a lo of books on here because of the looks,
ThinkableAuthor ThinkableAuthor Dec 15, 2016
I would gasp and run onto the bed and on the TV for the rest of the day.
radish90155 radish90155 Jan 06
So this big tough guy in high school has a first grade enemy wtf
banana_monkey101 banana_monkey101 Dec 14, 2016
Comparing this to my siblings makes me realise how a bunch of animals we act
11Kiki28KL 11Kiki28KL Nov 08, 2016
im luving it sooo much already!!! keep up the gold work and i'll keep up the comments (ps i am a crazy person so don't b'ame meh if some of my commemts r weird.... eh screw it, blame meh all u want)