Partialism; Ethan Dolan

Partialism; Ethan Dolan

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   - A sexual interest within an exclusive focus on an specific part of the body."

"Such as in someone's"

"Lips" I interrupted.

"Yes, lips; it could also be one's feet or breast" Our teacher spoke.

"Lips are much more common though, they are easy to see and catch a glimpse of; much more rather than a part of the body covered by clothing" 

"Ahh, yes are very much correct"

I slowly turned my head seeing Ethan staring up at me.

I turned back around and continued listening to Mr.Wilson.

"Each of you will be doing a presentation on why partialism I'm considered a disorder"

"If it's a disorder, do you think anyone could be placed in the hospital for it?" Someone called out.

"Actually I don't know" Mr.Wilson spoke.

"Not technically, many have been put in prison for it though...they couldn't control themselves anymore and it led to rape; continuous stalking of one or more people" I answered.

"Very impressive Miss Morris" 

The bell rung and I picked up my t...

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