Running from Melinda ~ A Blood Red Fan Fiction

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Rim By RimUranium Updated 3 years ago
A Blood Red Fan Fiction:
    Growing up in All Hallows Manor could be considered a sheltered life, especially if one grew up in the west wing. When you find out the woman who put you in the Manor in the first place has been plotting against you, you lose faith and trust in everybody you know.
    Gail had never really trusted Melinda despite her being the only parental figure in her life and not a very good one either. She'd been trained like Scarlett and the rest of team C only her drastic change in trust was not a part of Melinda's plans.
    No longer safe from one of the most feared people in the world, running seems to be her only option. If only running from Melinda were that easy.
@rimmie558 Yeah that's true and you come to like some characters and hate others and feel sorry for them. It's weird, but sometimes they almost seem real :D
@rimmie558 It was 1:30 in the morning for you and you're telling ME I'm up late? 11:30 is nothing, especially since it's the Christmas holidays at the moment.