CEO and his sassy Muslim assistant  (Completed) #wattys2017

CEO and his sassy Muslim assistant (Completed) #wattys2017

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When my life turned upside down, for the worst and the best 

I stuck my head in a book and relaxed in my swirly chair.
I was interrupted when I heard baby cries, the fuck. There's only me and Xavier on this floor the receptionist is not in cause it's lunch.

I put my book on the desk and walked out of my office, I walked and kicked something huhh. I looked at the ground to see a baby carrier with an adorable baby.

As I reached down to pick her up Mr Santos got out of the office and glared at the baby 
" is that yours" he said angrily, I nodded no and picked the baby up along with an
 envelope, I placed the baby on my chest and tore open the envelope whilst glancing at Xavier, I have him the envelope but he refused to take it so I read it

Dear Xavier 

The baby's yours and I am not gonna look after it.
I have stayed home for the whole 9months so no one will see me fat but now it's yours, look after the bitch

Love Brittany

Chinemaxx6 Chinemaxx6 Mar 16
@SavNaz61 @rabis58 @gangstahbieber  hebben we ook nodig in ons hoofd😂😂
I hate when people automatically slut shame people for to much skin...
I almost pooped my pants..thanks a lot..I was kidding if anyone was gonna ask😂
BRUH..@aguerosmilesX u got to read this least it will teach u to not 'love' man city boys..harami😂❤️
Scarlettetra Scarlettetra Aug 30, 2016
I need to be harsh and honest. This needs better punctuation.