Fate of Dragons

Fate of Dragons

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Nikki Bollman By nikkinbird Completed

Dragons and their riders protect Arethia's borders and keep peace within the land, along with the mages who work alongside them. Nobody knows why, but only women can bond with dragons to be their riders. But now, the dragons have been kidnapped by a mage who wants to change that, and the remaining dragon riders have to find out where he's taken them. Arethia's safety is now left to the mages, and Karume mages using the forbidden bound magic begin creeping into Arethia while the search for the missing dragons is stalled.  Can Tesa and her friends bring the dragons back to Arethia before it's too late? Will the Karume change the way magic is used in Arethia forever?


This is the third and final book in my series, Dragons of Arethia. I will be posting a new section weekly. It is a work in progress, and I may end up making changes when it is done.

It feels kind of strange to be posting the third book in my series here with the other two for sale, but I wanted to start getting this story out there for those who have been awaiting it. If you haven't read the other two books, they are available on Amazon as ebooks and paperback. The first one is called "Dragons of Arethia: Tesa's Journey" and the second one is called "Binding Magic."

If you want to find out more about my work or sign up for my newsletter, you can visit my website: SticksandScribbles.com. I hope you enjoy my story, and thank you so much for reading!